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The 54 Sports Playbook.

An event is a brand’s opportunity to interact with critical constituencies face-to-face — to demonstrate in person what the brand claims to be in its sales and marketing. It is perhaps the most powerful tool in a brand’s marketing arsenal. Those who choose 54 Sports event services do so to ensure their event achieves its fullest potential.

54 Sports has years of experience at the Masters managing events for Fortune 100 companies. The knowledge we’ve gained makes it possible for your group to experience the Masters without the hassle. From day trips to turnkey weeklong experiences — we’ve got you covered.

The Masters is best known for its rich history and deeply rooted traditions. Arguably one of the most iconic events in all of sports, it is a bucket list item for most people. Between the tournament’s iconic stature, exclusivity and limited access, the Masters is a great event to handcraft a memorable experience around and entertain your most influential clients.

The 2019 Masters is a significant opportunity for companies to build a program that moves the needle with current and prospective clients. At 54 Sports we have successfully built and managed many Masters programs for numerous companies. Our process follows a tight timeline to ensure the right people attend, their experience is exceptional and their favorable impressions of their host endures long after the Masters is complete.

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A discovery session answers key questions about your company’s goals so we can begin building a program that works. This phase will set the direction for the entire event.

As the guest list takes shape, we make recommendations for the kind of event program that will resonate — housing, dining, transportation, entertainment, speakers, etc.

Based on research, we know who’s coming and can start taking steps to secure critical components of the program.

To ensure every detail that was planned is perfectly executed, our team is on-site monitoring every touch point.

We believe the end of the event is the beginning of a key element in the 54 Sports approach. A perfectly run event lingers in the minds of the attendees and creates the ideal opportunity to further deepen your brand’s relationship with guests. Strategically timed outreach allows for additional touch points that keep your company top of mind.

There are endless ways to entertain around the Masters, and we prefer to do it at the highest level. While there is plenty of time spent at the Masters, our programs are designed to create a comfortable environment away from the actual tournament to cultivate stronger business relationships with your most valued clients.

Although every program we create is customized to achieve our clients’ objectives, the following agenda will give you a feel for our ideal approach to the Masters.

Afternoon: Guest arrivals

Upon arrival, attendees are greeted by event staff and shown to their individual rooms each with its own private bathroom. Each room is set up with branded toiletry kits, bottled water, fresh floral arrangements, gifted items and printed personalized agendas.

6:00 p.m. Welcome reception

Guests are invited to the host home for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. Cocktails are mixed and served by a bartender, while a private chef finishes preparations for dinner.

7:30 p.m. Dinner

Guests are invited into the dining room for a seated dinner. Dinner includes a brief presentation from the chef, as well as a full serving staff to attend to all guests.

Presentation from Masters historian

During dinner, guests enjoy a brief presentation from a Masters historian who speaks to the rich history of the tournament and all of its traditions.

7:30 – 9:00 a.m. Breakfast and ticket pick up at host home

Guests enjoy breakfast at the host home at their leisure prepared by a private chef. They are also able to collect their ticket for the tournament from the event staff. SUVs are available throughout the day to drive guests to and from the golf tournament at their leisure.

5:30 p.m. Cocktails and putter fitting

As guests begin to come off the golf course, the chefs and their team have hors d’oeuvres and cocktails available at the host home for everyone to enjoy while they wait for dinner. Guests are also invited to get fitted for a personalized Scotty Cameron putter, which will be sent to them after the event.

7:30 p.m. Dinner at host home with paired whiskey tasting

Guests are again invited into the dining room for a seated dinner prepared by a private chef and carefully paired with a whiskey for each course. Guests enjoy presentations by the chef and certified whiskey expert for each course throughout dinner.

Guest departures

1-month post-event:

Guests receive their personalized putter in a branded box with a handwritten note as a final touch point of the overall experience.

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