Building Relationships Through
Handcrafted Experiences

What we do

We build out event strategies so that our clients are in a better position to build relationships with their customers and ultimately sell more stuff.

Our Story


When 54 Sports first launched in 2013, we thought our business was building out experiences around the most iconic events in sports and taking those packages to market. Five years later, we have learned that bucket list sporting events do not always equate to customer engagement, and as as result may not align well with a company’s overall business objectives. So we started to rethink our approach. What we learned was that when we took the time to better understand who our client was, what their business goals were, and who they wanted face to face time with, we could handcraft an event strategy that really helped them move the needle.

Now our approach to customer engagement is simple. We believe in building the same type of relationship with you as you want to build with your most valued customers - transparent, authentic and genuine.

Our Capabilities

Event and post-event strategy

Through a comprehensive discovery phase we identify your needs and overall objectives. From there we can handcraft a strategy that encompasses every aspect of the experience.


We consider every detail of the planning process, from site visits to vetting vendors and everything in-between.

Asset Procurement

Whether your event requires event tickets, talent, special venues, or accommodations, we work our extensive network to secure all resources necessary to create the ultimate experience.

Vendor, budget and asset management

Our goal is to make sure our clients’ experience is seamless and that we are the single point of contact. We manage all vendors, budgets and assets during an event so you don’t have to.

Onsite Execuction

Our experienced team is boots on the ground throughout the duration of your event.

Communication strategy, design and execution

Communication is a key element of the planning process that is often times overlooked. We can help you create those memorable touch points throughout your guests’ entire experience.

Brands Who Collaborate With Us


“The reason I like 54 Sports as a partner is they are right there with me and my team, in the trenches.  They don’t run from a challenge, they work through it with me to find a solution”



“Considering we host clients that represent a large majority of our ad revenue, creating and executing each event flawlessly is critical. Being able to spend this kind of time with my clients, and not have to worry about the details is very important to the growth of our business.  54 Sports allows us to do that.

The return we get on these type of events is invaluable and could not be achieved if it was not for the partnership we have with 54 Sports.  The reason we spend the money we do on these events, it works. Believe me, if it didn’t work, we would not be doing these events!”

Charter Communications


“Absolute A+ effort by the entire team at 54 Sports. They did an incredible job of creating the experience we wanted for our clients. We have gotten rave reviews from everyone.”


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