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54 Sports takes a 360° approach to corporate entertainment and private trips with a focus on championship sporting events and custom events. We manage every detail so that YOU and YOUR clients are treated to a very special experience, one that is unique and memorable. It’s what we do.

Why 54 Sports?

From the moment you leave home until the moment you’ve returned, 54 Sports ensures that every detail is seen to. With many years of experience and already a sterling record of accomplishment for this new enterprise, we deliver flawlessly when expectations are at their absolute highest. Whatever you need, let 54 Sports guide the way.

No.36 Photographers hired
No.18 Hunting/fishing guides vetted, hired
No.15 Taxes, gratuities, service fees tallied and paid
No.10 Event walk-through performed
No.06 Flight info/arrival/departure monitored
No.26 TV guides/local channels logged
No.40 Pick-up/drop-off locations scouted, confirmed
No.25 Homes inspected for cleanliness
No.08 Guests’ food allergies documented
No.48 Meeting spaces identified, inspected
No.03 Chefs vetted and secured
No.52 Handicap access located, verified
No.30 Tours and guides vetted, confirmed
No.19 Security team vetted, in place
No.32 Bathroom amenities prepped and placed
No.12 Drivers interviewed, vetted
No.38 Child services/nannies vetted, hired
No.05 All event tickets purchased
No.33 Home amenities prepped and placed
No.53 Event’s “items prohibited” list obtained
No.44 Tailgate party locations confirmed
No.16 Traffic patterns studied, logged
No.07 Local hospitals/urgent care identified
No.31 Linens inspected
No.37 Translators vetted, hired
No.11 Wi-Fi availability/log-in directions confirmed
No.21 Property map for guests created
No.28 Preferred beverages ordered
No.17 Guests’ likes/dislikes recorded
No.42 All deposits made
No.43 Aircraft seating preferences confirmed
No.23 Golf pairings made
No.34 Luggage tags confirmed
No.02 Lodging standards verified
No.41 Stadium maps delivered
No.13 Talent booked, arrival time confirmed
No.50 Extra device chargers acquired
No.54 Event dress code noted, communicated
No.01 All vehicles fueled and serviced
No.35 Luggage transfer protocols confirmed
No.45 Emergency air services researched
No.04 Dinner reservations confirmed
No.24 Local food/restaurants identified
No.27 Community/hotel entrance codes tested
No.47 Staff uniforms delivered
No.09 Weather forecast checked, proper gear secured
No.29 Boats chartered
No.39 Hunting/fishing forecasts checked/licenses purchased
No.14 Agenda/itineraries double-checked, mailed
No.20 Parking and passes secured
No.22 Golf clubs/guns rented
No.51 Umbrellas/rain gear checked
No.49 Reception halls booked
No.46 Extra sunblock ordered

Upcoming Events

The excitement continues all year long with 54 Sports. All 54 Sports events are based on each client's needs and are completely turnkey. 54 Sports will help you determine the exact location based on your customers' locale. View all of our events to see what’s on the horizon.

“I wish I could say that things went well at the Masters last week but unfortunately that would be a complete understatement. Things went absolutely fantastic. Absolute A+ effort by the entire team.”

Raymond Mann

Electrolux Major Appliances NA

“Thank you just doesn’t begin to cover how grateful I am to them. Planning events like this are labor intensive, and the 54 Sports team did it professionally, effectively and with warm smiles.”

Jenny Kazmar

Chief Administrative Officer, MLV & CO

“54 Sports truly impressed our team with their experience. The management team demonstrated they could provide us with measurable added value, savings, efficiency and choice.”

Geoff Gray

Vice President, Signature Consultants

“I have received email notes from almost everyone who attended, all of them thanking me for a wonderful event. Everything was first class, from the accommodations and food to the service.”

Ralph Borrello

Senior Vice President, BB&T Wealth

“Everyone communicated so well via email, text and phone that it made me feel like a VIP. Communication in a setting such as your business is vital so that the experience is enjoyable for everyone involved.”

Diva Nagula

Managing Partner, Jacksonville Sharks

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